LAMA is a Fraunhofer SCAI development and

  • We the developers adhere to the Fraunhofer mission statement


That means

  • We continuously maintain and enhance LAMA
  • We offer excellence in research combined with application and customer oriented solutions

LAMA in public-funded projects



  • funded by the BMBF, this project is about accelerating acoustic wave propagation and time reversal algorithms as used in seismic imaging
  • partners: KIT, TEEC, Fraunhofer SCAI


  • funded by the BMBF, this project aims at enhancing the execution of algorithms on modern large computing systems by clever and fault tolerant scheduling. LAMA is a use case
  • partners: University of Mainz, Technical University Munich, University of Cologne, Megware, Partec,



  • ITEA project funded by the national funding agencies (BMBF for Germany)
  • 16 partners from Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands
  • It is about bridging the gap between traditional high performance computing and embedded computing


past projects: ENHANCE, GASPI, MWARE

How to get in touch with us

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Core team members


Thomas Brandes

Beatrix Hornef

Eric Schricker

Andreas Borgen Longva

Thomas Soddemann



Students (in research projects)


Linda Koine

Pascal Maczey

Vanessa Wolff



Acknowledgments for support:


Dustin Feld

Sabrina Frede

Michael Krapp

Swetlana Schilinski

Previous staff members:


Malte Förster

Jiri Kraus

Lauretta Schubert


Former students (in research projects)


Stefan Breitenstein

Alexander Büchel

Kai Buschulte

Michael Drost

Jan Ecker

Robin Rehrmann

Martin Schenk

David Schissler

Janek Thomaschewski